5 responses to “Mark Driscoll Versus Everyone: Stifling Monstrosity

  1. Very insightful- I’m going to link to this from my blog. The question of how we address evil and injustice but still show grace is a hard one. Like you said, “Is there a third option between silence and being a douche?”

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  3. “Jesus never called his opponents dirty names,”

    1.) What dirty name did Driscoll use?
    2.) Ever hear the phrase “brood of vipers?”

    • 1. I wasn’t talking about Driscoll calling anyone dirty names (at least not this time). I was saying my progressive friends are responding unChrist like when they call him dirty names back.
      2. Yes I have. I have read the Bible. However that isn’t the type of name that some folks were calling Driscoll. If they had called him the equivalent of that then that would be great! If you want to know what names I was referring to, go to Driscoll’s original tweet and scroll.
      Thanks for reading

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